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Upscale Home Construction -- Additions -- Remodeling

WakeMaker Construction brings the experience and expertise of award-winning luxury home construction direct to your house for quality residential renovations, additions, remodeling and more.

Whether you're upgrading your long-time residence, tackling a home makeover, tending to overdue repairs, unleashing your house's potential with a new kitchen, bathroom, sun room, deck or garage, flipping a home for sale or investment, or building a new property from the ground up, count on WakeMaker Construction as your valued licensed home construction partner

WakeMaker Construction has operations in the Raleigh - Durham - Wake Forest area of the Research Triangle and in the Wilmington - Wrightsville Beach area, in order to serve a wide range of clients throughout eastern North Carolina.

WakeMaker Custom Builder is licensed by the North Carolina Board of General Contractors.

Featured Service: Screened Porches

Let WakeMaker Construction add to the value and pleasure of your property with your very own screened in porch.  With our effective design and licensed construction, your porch contributes flexibility with cool summer breezes and warm seasonal  temperatures the rest of the year. 

For beachfront living and inland enjoyment, we can create an addition to your room that will be enjoyed all the time.  Request your Free Quote, or call us at 919-427-4692 (Capital) or 910-354-0468 (Coastal).  

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